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  Wenzao University has established 3 requirements to keep the scholarship once it is approved and granted: Average score up to 80  Average morality score up to 80 80 hours per semester of service hours completed Well, these 80 hours of service hours are a key issue that most of our students have been struggling to fulfill on time and comfortably. Therefore, the DIA department has instituted a policy where p rofessors needs and students necessities are interconnected , serving as teachers assistants, debate leaders, or office assistants, creating a model that ensures that DIA students will be able to provide the 80 hours in the case of the full scholarship, or 40 hours in the case of half scholarship. Further information, please come over the office to get more details :) 
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A unique service for you as DIA's student

  Consultancy and Personal Guidance for Freshmen and International Students According to the firm conviction of the Department of International Affairs in providing continuous and efficient service for all the students, brand-new attention is offered for supporting the difficulties of adaptability and information that students might encounter. We help you with:  Meet your degree requirements. Manage academic requests (registration, course withdrawals) Addressing courses concerns (midterm status, course absences) Balance curricular and extracurricular choices. Face challenges of the transition to college life. College resources.  First-hand guidance about department choices.  Reinforce and explain points of struggle into your new first year’s subject (tutoring work). Special help is provided to International Students, in accordance with the specific problems of language and knowledge of the new environment.  International Students:  Help with the specific usage of college tools.  Adapt